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Although we have a well-established process we follow, we strongly believe that there is no merit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to executive search. Every client is different and every role demands a fresh approach.


Engagement Strategy

We bring years of insight and experience in engaging and motivating great candidates to take the next step in their careers. Having gathered as much detail as possible on the business, the culture fit, the role challenges and future career development opportunities, we will create a compelling candidate proposition specifically tailored and targeted to attract and engage candidates with the ideal experience profile.


Research and Networking

Having gained a fuller understanding of the background to the role and the personality, cultural fit and approach of the ideal candidate, we will employ a dual network and research-based strategy to target relevant candidates. This involves networking with other senior contacts to identify the ‘stars’ in their network as well as identifying, targeting and engaging relevant candidates in relevant businesses/sectors through a rigorous and thorough research-based approach.


Selection and Qualification

The research is constantly calibrated with the client to ensure it continues to be aligned and accurate. Each relevant candidate will be assessed against the requirements of the role and the most relevant and appropriate candidates fully briefed on both your business and the role. We pride ourselves on being able to identify those individuals who will provide a great cultural fit as well as having the correct experience. We regularly provide updates highlighting information on both long listed and shortlisted candidates, identified via our process.


Shortlisting and Interviewing

We will aim to present at least one bench mark candidate within the early stages of the search to help calibrate our understanding of the ideal background and culture fit for the appointment. All shortlisted applicants will proceed through our client’s selection process. Throughout this we will liaise with both parties to co-ordinate meetings and provide feedback. Where an offer is to be made, we will provide advice on acceptance parameters and where necessary, counsel applicants to ensure that acceptance is achieved. We will provide constant support to the preferred candidates throughout their resignation process and maintain that contact until they physically join your team.


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