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Multi-functional Talent Hiring Project

High Growth Start up

This private sector led organisation aims to inform, educate and collaborate with businesses across the UK to improve their productivity. The organisation is already sponsored by some of the UK's most senior business leaders from leading businesses such as Amazon, Rolls Royce, John Lewis, BT and the leading global strategy firm McKinsey.

Initially based in Amazon's UK offices, the organisation aims to encourage more businesses of all sizes and sectors to understand their current performance and actively seek out ways to improve. They believe that if they can raise the achievements of all businesses even just a little then this will improve the UK economy and the standard of living for the nation’s population.

The Role(s)

Following the appointment of a very high calibre CEO, they organisation wanted to scale quickly and get to a critical mass as soon as possible. However, the primary objective of the project was to identify and attract the highest quality talent across all a significant number of appointments whilst ensuring the culture fit was relevant for a start-up/early stage organisation. Rockwell was selected to manage the multifunctional project which involved managing appointments across a wide range of functions including Digital Marketing, Finance, Business Development, Operations, Partnership Management, Communications, Project Management, Product Management and Research. Rockwell used a combined research driven networking process to identify strong networks of candidates across all functions, carefully managing processes to ensure the project milestones were met along the way.


In total Rockwell successfully made 9 appointments across a wide variety of functions within the relatively tight timeframes set within the project plan. The quality of the successful candidates was consistently high and the client has been very happy with their collective contributions to date.


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